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Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time” – Marian Wright Edelma

Seeff Richards Bay
has been under the guidance of Elaine and Silven Chetty for the past five years and they have already established a reputation. They have built a reputation with the local community in being voted the Best Agency in Zululand by the readers of the local newspaper, the Zululand Observer, as well as being voted the Top Charity Supporter by the same newspaper. And a funny thing happens when you get a reputation. It actually has far reaching implications in the business world.

Research has shown, as stated in the New York Times bestseller publication “Give and Take” by Professor Adam Grant –that received accolades from Fortune, Financial Times, The Washington Post and Oprah, that by being a giver-orientated business it promotes forward movement, it enables a person or organisation to progress forwards towards a goal, a final product or service or destination, and it results in greater productivity for a team. All of this could be said for Seeff Richards Bay.

Elaine Chetty joined Seeff as an agent almost 10 years ago and has grown in strength, proving to be an astute agent and winning several awards. Elaine was then offered the license for the Richards Bay branch in 2009. Elaine has carried her sales experience with her in making the transition into senior management and has successfully managed to integrate her helping of others without compromising her own goals and ambitions. Her quiet and unassuming nature belies her tenacity when negotiating deals, and under her tutelage the team is moving up the success ladder.

The partnership model in the Richards Bay Franchise is a husband and wife team and this endeavour was not approached lightly. After all married couples’ working together is not a new idea. They have run farms and small enterprises since the dawn of time, and sociologists’ even hint that this is how arguing was invented. However the key to this franchise’s success has been to clearly define the partnership model as well as the duties and dynamics. Silven Chetty focusses on the strategic areas of the business complementing Elaine’s role as the hands on industry fundi. “Both our staff and our clients know how we work together and treat each other – and that translates into how well we treat them” says Elaine.

Being an MBA graduate, with more than ten years of corporate management experience, Silven uses his expertise to guide the business purposefully. In being genuinely focussed Silven has been able to deliver transformative productivity. “We believe that everyone associated with Seeff Richards Bay must benefit from our existence” says Silven. “We have applied this to customer satisfaction, to our staff, and to community projects where our involvement shows that we genuinely care about our clients and our community”.

The management team is very clear about their priorities. They encompass a family culture in their team. Not only does this translate into encouraging and celebrating personal and financial growth of their staff but it is also reflected in their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programme. The Seeff Richards Bay agents consistently feature in the top 20 in the KZN region in terms of sales performance, the office won the Seeff National Marketer of The Year Award in their category for 2012, and, the Seeff Richards Bay team also sponsors the local Junior Football league that has close to 400 registered children, numerous orphanages and non-profit organizations. The Reaching Out Foundation which supports victims of abuse as well as the CANSA Organisation.

Moving the business up, building the Seeff brand in the Zululand area, and influencing the market are difficult projects that take a great deal of the available resources. Often the temptation is to become self- focussed. The Richards Bay team decided not to take this approach but to actually help those around them. They have taught and encouraged staff, shared insights, kept their thinking clear and given back to their community. Their approach has shown that they are making a noticeable difference and according to the principles of Professor Adam Grant’s best-selling publication “Give and Take”, Seeff Richards Bay has truly shown that helping others has driven their success.


Seeff Richards Bay Principal

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