Invest in your garden and get more for your home

by Seeff HQ

These helpful gardening tips will take the value of your home from average to awesome.

The garden of your home is usually one of the first things that prospective buyers get to see and it is often a major contributor to the interest in your property when the time comes to sell. Your garden is of course also part of your lifestyle, it is a place to enjoy the wonderful South African climate, indulge in nature and it is a space where your family and children can play and grow.

Your garden is also an essential part of your property and as with everything else adds value to your home. Be sure though to invest wisely with these helpful hints from Seeff.

Amidst the severe water crisis that the country is experiencing, the focus has shifted to water wise gardening. This means less lawn and more water wise plants and measures for your home. This might just the right time to look at additional water wise and greening measures for your property, all of which will add to the value and demand for your home.

Less lawn
– think about reducing the amount of lawn or replace it with water wise lawn. While it is wonderful to have a large yard with plenty of lawn, it is also costly when water restrictions are in place.

Indigenous is best
– we cannot overemphasis the need for indigenous greenery, from plants and shrubs to trees. When every drop counts, indigenous is the way to go. Most indigenous plants are not too fussy and can thrive on grey water. Alien species are a big culprit when it comes to using up precious groundwater.

Add interest
– an interesting garden filled with little corners of shrubbery and plants is always a winner. Add a few cobble stones or a path and a few garden ornaments such as gnomes or ducks. A bit of water here and there and a place where birds can congregate will always find attraction with buyers. There are even instances where people buy the property for the garden!

Grey water
– now is definitely the time to start thinking about redirecting your grey water to the garden and for other uses such as car and outdoor cleaning. While a grey water system can cost thousands, there are some cost effective measures that you can take by simply adapting your plumbing outlet from the kitchen and bathrooms for example. Be sure to chat to your neighbourhood plumber about an inexpensive solution.

Stop the wastage
– it is often amazing how much water is wasted by leaking taps and wayward irrigation. So, start by ensuring that there are no water leaks or dripping taps around your home, reduce the water level in toilet cisterns and shower rather than bathing are just some measures that you can take.

Swimming pool
– if you do not already have a pool cover, now is the perfect time to install one as it will prevent large-scale water evaporation.

– if you are able to afford it and there is water in your area, then a borehole is certainly the way to go, but even then, conscientious water use should always be practices. It will also add value to your property.

– a good irrigation system throughout the garden will not only help maintain your garden in tip top shape, but will also reduce water consumption and add value to your home. Be sure though to check that the irrigation takes place during the right times, early evening for example rather than during the hot midday sun of summer.